Easy editing within the flow of your web app

Switching out of your application to edit is clunky - whether on the desktop or mobile. It breaks the user's flow with a context switch, and that's when it works. Which isn't always. Native Documents document editing as-a-service is a quick win, for you and your users!

Great user experience

Convenient document (doc/docx) editing right within your app. No need for Word.

Brand purity

The user never leaves your app. Your brand is front and center, not a Microsoft logo to be seen!

Predictable behaviour

Reduce your support costs, by owning and controlling the editing experience.

No conversion headaches

Word documents in, Word documents out. Avoid lossy round-tripping through HTML XML or PDF.

Visual fidelity

Your documents look the same in the browser as they do in Word on Windows.

Easy to embed

Super simple API to present the document to the user, and dead easy to get their changes.


Install locally on-prem (if you want), so documents don't leak onto the Internet

Future proof

Capitalize on the momentum behind technologies such as Docker and Web Assembly

Technology Preview

Native Documents is now accepting applications from developers keen to try our product.

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